Dow theory is used when we have minimum two years of data. Line chart is helpful in detecting Dow theory’s Condition. High bottom and high top for bullish and Vice Versa is the main condition

  • : The objective of Dow theory is to help user buy and sell stocks with knowledge and not by guess. The Dow theory is based on previous trends levels. So a confirmation is got before buying or selling shares
  • : Line charts are used Minimum lookup period for Dow theory is Two years
  • : For Bullisht - Higher bottom and Higher top with High volume For Bearish - Lower bottom and lower top with Low volume
  • : Dow theory is the oldest concept in share market. The main criticism was lagging of indicators.
  • : When the Demand is Greater than the Supply it is recommended to buy When the Supply is Greater than the Demand it is recommended to sell the shares
  • : Support is when a price going overtrend suddenly reaches a downtrend . Such a price level is known as Support Resistance is when a downtrend is suddenly taken by rise in price such a level is known as Resistance

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