The stock market is a place where stocks and securities are bought and sold by buyers and sellers.
There are two types of market namely primary market and secondary market.
Markets facilitates in assessing the Networth of the company.
Facevalue , Dividends , Marketprice per share are irrelevnt factors in determining the Networth of the company.

Higher Marketprice doesnt indicate that the company is rich. The company has only the money originally received by issuing the shares.The increase and decrease in the market price means that only the shareholders make profits and losses and the company will not take any part of it.
Nifty acts as an indicator of the fluctuations of the stock market.

  • : Stock market is a place where the stocks are traded or exchanged between buyers and sellers.There are 2 types of market, primary market and secondary market
  • : The primary market mainly facilitates the company in providing capital. It is also used to assess the worth of the company in terms of market price.
  • : There are many kinds of markets such as vegetable market, fish market, stock markets ,etc. The difference is the Product that is being traded in such respective markets.
  • : Securities Exchange Board of India. It acts as a statutory and regulatory body over the Markets. They also enforces rules and regulation over the exchanges.
  • : Shareholder is the true owner of the company. They are entitled to the profits earned by the company . Promoter may or may not be the owner of the company. There role is only to promote the company. Director manages the affairs of the company and act as the brain of the company. The directors collectively are called as the Board of directors.
  • : Primary market is a place where the shares are proposed or issued for the first time to the public or Selective group of people. Secondary market is a place where the shares are traded between the buyers and sellers but not directly with the company itself.
  • : Initial Public Offer. BURGER KING Issue date: 2nd, 3rd, 4th december 2020 Listing date: 14th december,2020 Status: 74,491,524 offered Capital raised:4469491440Rs
  • : Shareholder has no right to ask for refund though he can transfer the shares as provided by the AOA of the company. The shareholders can ask for Dividends in the general meetings held by the company.
  • : Investment is done with an intention to hold shares or other securities for a long term wheareas trading is done on day to day basis. Trading is basically a short term investement.Eg: Intra trading is done with an intention to buy and sell within a day.(Trading) Eg: Any investment held for more than 1 year is a long term investment.
  • : Face value is the nominal value of the shares issued.It is used to determine the number of shares.It is divided with the Total capital to be raised to ascertain the number pf shares issued. Dividend is the portion of the profit earned by the company that is distributed to sareholders. Bonus is shares issued in relation to the existing shares in lieu of dividend or with an intention to increase the bookvalue of the capital.
  • : Sensex represents top 30 companies of the BSC. Nifty represents the top 50 companies in NSC.
  • : NSE provided a lot more facilitates such as Online stock management systems, etc.

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