candle stick chart is highly recognised in current technology oriented trading and also volatile markets. Candle stick is more preferred for short to mid term positions as it is clear, transparent, provides more clarity than any other charts on price movement trend. various types of candle provides independent insights about the market, from minutes to years.

  • : Candle stick analysis is about price movements and emotional health of their chosen market on real time. It is one of the most sought after chart
  • : Candle stick acts as leading indicator to enter and exit of trades. From few minutes to days, it provides the price movement and supply demand status. 3-7 days is general forecasting duration
  • : Any one interested in mid term trading/investment, should use candle stick. not suitable for intraday.Volume must confirm the price movement direction.
  • : engulfing pattern indicates tug of war between buyers and sellers with the winner overwhelms previous trend. when second candle body engulfs first candle's entire body, it is engulfing.
  • : bullish reversal. must be with a downtrend at the end with long bearish candle...session opens up bullish with atleast 50 percent within prior candle's body.
  • : Doji- neutral status where both opening and closing price remain equal or equivalent. Uncertainity and leading to reversal pattern is indicated by doji.
  • : morning star denotes bullish reversal , located within a downtrend. Long bearish candle appears at the end of a downtrend.The following session has a small range and tends to gaplower. This is followed by a bullish long candle whichrallies more than 50% of the recent bearish candle evening star denotes bearish reversal.
  • : Hammer indicates reversal when found in downtrend. Like Hammering Out a bottom. The lower wick length is almost double of the body and body is on top of the lower wick. Traders can buy as reversal trend will begin from here.
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