Stock market is the secondary market where shares are traded and ipo is where the companies initially offer shares to public after approved from SEBI. SEBI regulates the stock market and trading.

  • : The stock market is the place where buying and selling of shares or stocks takes place.Stock market is a secondary market.
  • : Stock market is needed to buy and sell shares or stocks. Stock market is a regulated place for buying and selling of stocks.
  • : in terms of similarities - Buying and selling happens, price depends on demand and supply. in terms of difference - no physical product is involved, it is a regulated market.
  • : Securities and Exchange Board of India SEBI regulates the stock market and share trading.
  • : share holder - one who own shares of the company promoter - one who promotes the business basically he may be the owner of the company director - one who is appointed by the share holders to run the company or an organization and also he is an paid employee.
  • : in primary market - companies sell their shares (IPO) and investors buy the shares in secondary market - Buying and selling of shares takes place and companies are not involved in secondary market.
  • : IPO - INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING companies should be approved by sebi before offering shares to public.investors can apply after shares are offered by the company.
  • : share holder doesn't have any right to ask for refund and dividends.
  • : investment is where buying and holding stocks for a long period of time (6 monhts to few years). investment involves lower return and less risk. trading is where buying and selling of share more involves higher return and high risk.
  • : face value - value for which the shares are initially offered by the company. dividend - profit share given by the company to it share holder, it is the company decision to give out the profit or to reinvest which increases the share value bonus - profit share given by the company where is is additional profit split - splitting the share to decrease the price of each share, usually done to decrease the price of each share.
  • : SENSEX is the stock market index of top 30 companies in bse NIFTY is the stock market index of top 50 companies in nse
  • : when people used to trade in bse there will be only option to buy and sell stocks.But nse introduced varieties in trading i.e. futures and options. so people moved to nse from bse and thus nse become popular
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