Technical Analysis is more suited for common man. They are more reliable when compared to the fundamental Analysis. There three types of charts which can be used to analyse the stock, line, bar and candlestick, Line and candlestick are most preferred ones.

  • : Stock Price are driven by purely demand and the supply which exists in the market. there is continuous demand and supply for an underlying asset that is the reason why the there is so much changes in the stock price.
  • : Fundamental anlaysis is when we study the profit and loss of the company, their aim for the future, what is the product they produce or supply and how much is their debt etc after anlaysing all the above parameters, if one decides to buy a stock it is called fundamental analysis/
  • : Technical analysis is nothing related to the company. it is purely based upon the demand and supply prevalent in the market and decisions are made based on charts rather than studying the company.
  • : Fundamental analysis can be great for long term investment and if would like to invest in a company knowing that the company will perform extremely well in the future. whereas as a common man we will not get insights of the company immediately if there is a glitch in the company which can prove to be fatal if we have invested huge amount of money.
  • : Fundamental Analysis one can analyse the company from the data given in the respective company website and where as technical analysis requires charts such as line, bar and candlestick charts to analyse the movement of the stock
  • : All the media news, earnings of the company and analyst report have great impact on the stocks of the company. That is the reason why common man should always opt for technical analysis as it can't be manipulated.
  • : Yes certainly one can manipulate the stock market but only upto to a certain level. SEBI always watches and keeps the manipulation in check to a certain level
  • : Pros are they are manipulation free, they are made purely based on demand and supply and also based upon time tested theories. unlike fundamental analysis these can't be manipulated very easily. cons are when compared reading the profit and loss statement of the company some might find it difficult to read charts and make analysis based on that. moreover we cannot 100% assure that the analysis made based on charts will always work. minimising the risk ratio should be ones task.
  • : penny stocks do have lots of fluctuations in the price and they are highly manipulated. for example when Government announced that ethanol will be mixed with petrol at a ration or 20:80 all the penny sugar companies stock went skyrocketed and in few days they plummeted and there was huge loss for the individuals to bought these stocks. Hence when trading with penny stocks one should tread carefully before investing.
  • : Line charts, Bar Charts and Candlestick charts. Line charts can be used to analyse the price like for two years and candlestick can preferred for short time.
  • : Line charts can be misleading at times. it will not show the price at which the stock started trading and ended trading and what was the movement of the stock on a particular day . whereas in candlestick one can understand the open price close price and high and low of the day by seeing the candlestick.
  • : where to see the average turnover of NSE
  • : why average turnover of NSE important.
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