There are two types of analysis – fundamental and technical. Traders generally like to do technical analysis as it is transparent and includes mainly price patters and volume .Demand and supply are other key terms in the this analysis.

  • : stock price change because of demand and supply. When demand increases there will be rise in the stock price and when more people are trying to sell then the price will fall
  • : It is a method of evaluating the value of an asset and analyzing factors that could influence the price in the future. eg- financial reports, debts, future prospects etc
  • : It is the study of market data mainly price and volume through chart patterns and statistical figures. It helps us understand market trend and pick stocks accordingly
  • : Fundamental anaysis is very strong and powerful, it is useful for long term investent it takes into account financial aspects of a company. cons- data required are not easily accessible for retail traders, less transparent
  • : Technical analysis- price and volume fundamental analysis - earnings, assets, expenses, debts , income statement, cashflow statement, balance sheet etc
  • : Positive news, earning and analyst report , all can result i buying pressure and demand goes up and the price of the stock rises
  • : Average turnover in NSE is approx. Rs 18000 crores on daily basis. Penny stocks with less market capitalization can be manipulated
  • : Technical analysis is transparent, it requires to study and understand price and volume., it gives early signal before the reversal, entry and exit etc There are many tools for technical analysis, which doesn't work all the time in all the situation , accuracy is only 60-70%, we should have a trading plan and indicators what work for us by doing research and sticking to that
  • : Penny stocks are high risk securities with small market capitalization. It can have low liquidity and high volatility. T can also be manipulated
  • : Types of charts- line charts, bar charts , candlestick charts
  • : Candlestick chart is used to describe price movement, it shows open, close, high and low , in the time period specified by the trader, there is visual representation with different colors
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