Trading has to be done with knowledge and disciple. Trading can be done in long and short positions. Trade analysis has to be done rationally before trading to select the right stock keeping in mind risk reward ration, entry-exit, stop loss etc

  • : stock trading takes place when buyers/sellers place orders via brokers to the exchange. brokers act as a bridge between traders and the exchange. SEBI defines the rules and regulations of the stock holders and the company.
  • : stock exchange have licensed brokers who have a caution deposit with the exchange. when there is a issues with traders the caution deposit of the brokers is used by the exchange to ensure traders counter party risk.
  • : People choose stock trading for wealth creation and investment.
  • : yes, we can buy stock from BSE and sell in NSE, but it has limitations. It cannot be done on the same day but after T+2 days, that is once the share is in the demat account
  • : even if I quote high price than the current market price, the exchange makes sure the deal happens at the current market price.
  • : orders are places via online trading software using trading account, where the brokers inturn place our orders in excahnge. different orders like market order (executed immediately at market price) limit order (executed at the mentioned price) stop loss order (executed when price reaches threadhold value)
  • : long position is buying a stock with expectation that it will increase in price. Short position is selling a stock with expectation that price will go down. long unwinding is closing a long position that is selling the long stock. short covering is closing short position , that is buying the stock which was sold in short.
  • : stock trading becames a business if we trade when the risk is lesser than the reward . it becamoes gambling when we trade rish is greater than the reward.
  • : stock price is decided by the buyers and sellers (demand and supply)
  • : intraday trading is when we enter and exit a position on the same day(buying and selling stocks on the same day) positional trading is when we enter a day and exit a few days /weeks later
  • : when a traders expects a decrease in stcok price, he takes a short position that is sells a stock before he buys, but he is supposed to buy the stock before the settlement happens that is within the same day before the market closes. else he will be charged a penalty.
  • : Trade Plan is very essential as it helps to trade with disciple. It is basically a trading analysis that helps in determining the risk-reward ratio to choose a trade where risk is lesser than reward, choose the right instrument, entry, exit point, stop loss etc.
  • : stock prices affects bascially the investors perception the the growth of the company.

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