The stock trading takes place only by a certified stock broker and can log in only by client I.D. Stock trading can bee done in two ways i.e intraday trading and positional trading .And the stock price will not affect the company’s aspects because the prices are determined only by the buyers and sellers. Trading is a business or gambling ,it is only based on reward to the risk taken.

  • : Stock trading cannot take place without a broker. First we have to to get a membership with the broker and get a client I.D. then the market window will open then we have to to place our order to the broker and the broker will place the order in the exchange then the exchange will show the price window according to the price.
  • : Stock exchanges can prevent by collecting credit investment from traders.
  • : People choose to stock trading to trade shares and generate income.
  • : Yes. But Cannot buy a stock in BSE and sell in NSE on the same day.If done by violating the rules penalty is charged.
  • : If I quote high price to buy a stock compared to it's current market price the settlement will happen faster.
  • : We have to place order in the stock exchange only through certified stock broker. Types of orders: 1.Buy order 2.sell order. Validity of order: it is valid till it is cancel i.e only for 45 days.
  • : Long:When I see the share price to go up, I buy a stock now, then hold the stock for a while and sell it later. Short: When I see the share price to go down, I sell my share now and hold it for a while and buy the stock again when the price goes down. Long unwinding: Selling the stock that was previously owned for a longer period. Short covering:
  • : Business: While trading when there is more reward than risk and it should be rational. For example: If we do 50 trades in that 40 are reward and 10 are risk then it is business. Gambling: While trading when there is more risk than reward .
  • : The buyers and sellers determine the stock price.
  • : Intraday trading: Buying or selling the stocks in the same day before the stock exchange closes. Positional trading: I buy a stock at any time of a company and hold for days, months, years, then I see the performance of the company and decide whether sell or not.
  • : The expectations of trader that the price will go up or come down . Consequences: If the the expected price is not available before closing the stock market, the broker will buy the available price and settle to the opposite party irrespective profit or loss.
  • : Trade plan is a rational process which is inclusive of buying/selling a stock in specific quants and specific price.The target and stop loss are determined accordingly. To execute the trade plan with "Knowledge" and "Discipline".
  • : No. The stock price will not affect the company's monetary aspects of the company because the stock price is decided only by the buyers and sellers of the respective share .
  • : How stock exchanges ensure the traders counter party risk?

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