In stock trading we came to know about how does the stocks had been traded and we know who handles the counter party risk in the stock market.

  • : Broker is the middle man. Exchange is the place where buyers and sellers exchange stock. SEBI are regulatory to monitor any frauds occur for the public investment
  • : SEBI regulates the rules on the timely basis. If any rules violates for the public money SEBI gets into the picture
  • : To raise funds and ability to raise profit.
  • : Yes we can but in case of short selling of the stock, we need to provide the stock
  • : In this case we will move back of the queue in the auction, buyers with less or current market price will have higher possibility
  • : We can place order by clicking the particular company. We can use BUY or SELL order. The validity of the order is still market close after market close orders are deleted
  • : Need to buy the stocks before the market close in short covering.
  • : It's based on the player mindset, If player takes more risk than the return it becomes gamble, if player takes calculative risk it become business
  • : Decided by the recent buyer or seller stock price, if more buyers are in price increases and if more sellers are in price decreases
  • : Positional trading refers to futures and options. Intraday trading we need to buy and sell stocks within the day.
  • : If the stock price is moving down we can sell the stock in short position before buying.But we need to buy the stock before market close
  • : Trade plan is very important, before we invest our money we need to do our paper work regarding the target of the stock, stop loss through the technical analysis
  • : No stock price doesn't affect the monetary aspects of the company. But company performance affects the stock price.
  • : Need real time example in short selling
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  1. Naresh 3 months ago

    In response to your question
    Your Query 1 : Need real time example in short selling
    If a trader purchases 100 shares of Indian Oil Corporation Limited at Rs 100 each and later on the price of each share falls to Rs 80, then the trader can book profits by short covering them. By short covering at Rs80 each, the trader would be able to earn profit of 20×100= Rs 2000.

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