In this section studied about the different types of order, importance of trade plan, function of broker & exchanges.

  • : Brokers/banks collects the order from buyers & sellers and taking them to the exchange. The trade is taking place at the exchange and the settlement is done by the exchange. SEBI will moniter the Exchange activity if any complaints received it will act accordingly.
  • : Stock exchanges collect deposit amount from broker to mitigate the counter party risk.
  • : Just like other trading.
  • : It is possible in long-term positional stock and not possible in Intraday.
  • : The order will get immediately executed at the current market price. Suppose if i quote for Rs.120 and current market price is 100, then my order will get executed at Rs.100.
  • : Buy order, sell order, Intraday orders, Positional order and some special orders like Valid Till Cancel (VTC) orders.
  • : Long - Buy & then sell Short - Sell & then buy Long Unwinding - Sell the held positions or long orders Short Covering - Buy for the shorts made.
  • : It is business if the known reward is higher than the known risk.
  • : Buyers & Sellers. Bothe are getting queued in trading window and trade happens at the convenient price.
  • : Positional Trading - Buy and hold for sometime and sell. Intraday Trading - Trade happens in the same day itself.
  • : If the trader thinks the price will go down then can go for short. Short orders should be closed on the same day itself.
  • : Analyze the chart and find the entry, exit and stop loss. The quantity should be decided based on the 2% risk level of the capital. If there is no trade plan we might loose the entire capital in short span of time.
  • : Stock price will not affect the company in the monetary aspect. Trading is not happening with between the company and traders, it is btwn the traders.

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