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  • candlestick analysis and its application ,its forecasting, engulfing , piercing patterns, DOJI, morning and evening star,
    hanging man and hammer.

  • price pattern, double top, double bottom, flag pattern, head and shoulder, cup pattern, TRIANGLE PATTERN AND THE CONDITION TO CONFIRM IT , entry, exit prices, stop loss for flag pattern, head and shoulders top,

  • Dow Theory was invented by Charles H Dow. It is done by following the market with the concept of demand and supply with volume. It is good for long terms.
    For dow theory, use daily charts – min. 2years data r

  • It is not possible for a retailer to do fundamental analysis since it is possible for a stronger hand to do that. Instead of forecasting the market it is better to follow the market i.e. Technical approach. Have

  • In futures market, profit will be realized on a day to day basis. It provides an opportunity for short trades to be placed which cannot be placed in equity market.
    A Call option gives the right to buy to the

  • Stock trading according to me is a business and not a gambling. trading without proper knowledge, discipline and consistency will make it as gambling. Calculating the risk reward ratio and trading is very

  • stock market is a place where the exchange and trade of stocks ( both buying and selling) takes place. we the general public need a common platform where all the companies, their shares and commodities are

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