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  • Bullish trend was spotted using dow theory and the bullish trend was observed from March 25,2021 till may with high volume in may.

  • In this section we have learnt about what is intraday trading and how it differs from positional trading. we have also learnt about the top down approach method for picking up of the right stocks in intraday trading.

  • In this section we learnt about the technical indicators. how they are used and the types of technical indicators like the moving average, RSI etc..

  • In this section, we studied about the gap, why and how it appears and the how to analyse a gap. We also studied about the 4 types of gap like the area gap, breakout gap, runaway gap and exhaustion gap.

  • In this section we learnt about the Candlestick analysis and its uses in studying the market trend. We also studied about the various candlestick patterns like the japanese DOJI, pattern, piercing pattern,

  • In this section we have studied about the various price patterns and how it differs from Dow Theory. We have also studied in detail about the individual price pattern and how to identify it in a chart.

  • In this section , we learnt about the Dow theory, who invented it, how it is useful to study the market trend, how to analyse the bullish and bearish trend and when to create long and short positions using the dow theory.

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    In this section we come to know about the types of analysis, like the technical and fundamental and why we cannot do fundamental analysis. Also learnt about the demand and supply and how it affects the stock

  • In Futures and Options market is the deal will be executed later while in the Spot market the settlement happens in the same day. In Spot market the buyer buys the equity, while in the future the buyer buys the

  • broker is responsible to verify buyers and sellers account before buying or selling of stocks. SEBI is the regulator of stock market. Government does not directly involve in stock market but the policies issued

  • Market is a place where buying and selling takes place. There are two types of Market. 1. Primary Market eg. vegetable / fruit market. 2. Secondary Market : eg. Stock market. Stock market is the place where buying

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