stock market is a place to trade , if we trade with knowledge and discipline we can make money.

  • : Stock trading take place in exchanges with the help of broker. Broker - firms simply act as an agent or intermediary in a transaction on the secondary market. SEBI - SEBI keeps supervision on brokers. EXCHANGE - Your stock trading transactions are executed at the stock exchanges through your broker, unless you have a membership with that exchange, which enable you to trade directly.
  • : In option contract premium is collected. In Future contract initial margin collected.
  • : To make money.
  • : yes, You need to take delivery of the stock bought on BSE and then sell the same in NSE and vice versa. That is, you cannot buy in BSE and square off the same in NSE in same day.
  • : It will consider we can give from CMP UPTO HIGH price quoted.
  • : we can place order with the help of broker tools. Order Type - Limit order (Place buy or sell order at a predetermined price) Market order ( Place an order to be bought or sold at the best available price) Validity of Order - Till we find the buyer or seller for the quoted price if not order will get cancelled automatically.
  • : long - Buying a stock. Short - Selling a stock. Long unwinding - selling the stock which we bought. Short covering - buying the stock for which we sold.
  • : It is Business because we have more return for the risk we taken, whereas in gambling chances as less.
  • : Buyers and sellers.
  • : Positional trading - Buying and selling of stock for more than a day. Intraday trading - Buying and selling of stock in same day.
  • : When they feel the stock price go down then they will sell a stock and buy it later. they make profit for the price down.
  • : Trade plan - where to enter and exit, how much quantity need to buy are some trade plan, where to enter and exit and stop loss can be analysed by seeing previous top and low.
  • : No.
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