Stock mkt is a place where an individual can participate in the mkt by trading for the purpose of both investing and trading.

This gives an opportunity for even a retail participation ( one who has very small capital)

  • : A place where transaction of stocks takes places( Secondary mkt)
  • : Exchange of stock ( buy and sell) can take place
  • : Store/Hotel/Car rental. A place where any type of transactions(exchange of product/service) takes place. whereas in stock market no physical product exists( stock is exchnaged)
  • : Regulatory body for securities and commodity market in India
  • : Shareholder(Owner), One who started the company, Partners in the company
  • : Direct interaction btw company, investors(huge capital), customers where as in secondary mkt stocks are bought and sold.
  • : Initial Public offer- A company to raise capital from the market(public) through public issue
  • : Yes becoz he had bought a share in the company which makes his a partner. If the company is making profit- shareholders can ask for dividends
  • : Long term and short term. Low and High Risk Totally depends upon the personality of an individual
  • : FV- The basic price given to a stock D- Is the proportion of the profit earned by the company guided by the no of stocks owned
  • : SENSEX- Avg performance of top 30 companies listed in BSE. NIFTY- Avg performance of Top 50 companies listed in NSE
  • : - Early use of technology - More liquidity ( buyers and sellers)

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