A knowledge of stocks, promoters,business, investors,regulators, stock brokers, exchanges, and trading and investing is primal in share trading .

  • : Market is a place where buyers and sellers meet to trade. Stock market is a place which facilitates the participants to buy and sell stocks in elecronic form only.
  • : Stock market is needed to create a market place for both buyers and sellers to trade shares of public limited companies either for investment or trading. It also ensures that the buy and sell orders placed by the public through their stock brokers gets executed.
  • : Stock markets, super markets,vegetable market, flower markets etc are some examples. Similarities: All markets are a common place for the buyer and seller to facilitate trade. Differences: Stock markets are in electronic form only, others have a physical form.
  • : SEBI- Securities and Exchange Board of India is a regulatory body that has the authority to enforce a.) strict rules and regulations to be adhered by all the market participants in order to facilitate trade in a fair manner. b) alongwith compliance, sebi observes for any malpractice and ensures that the guilty are punished and the interest of the retail public is protected. c) stock exchanges work properly. .
  • : Shareholders are either individuals or a group of investors who are the equal co owners having shares in the capital, profit and assets of the company. A promoter is the one who is the initial founder of the company and its business. A director is a person who operates the business by taking appropriate decisions, usually the promoter or any other share holder who has large percentage of investments and has knowledge of the business in that company.
  • : A company which is in need of large capital for expenditure for its business development issues its shares having an equal face value to the general public through IPO is called PRIMARY MARKET. The public issue of shares by the company is subscribed by investors and the allotted shares debut in stock exchanges that are listed for trade are the SECONDARY MARKETS. eg Stock exchanges .
  • : INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING is IPO. Eg. for recently listed i IRCTC.It was over subscribed by more than 300 times. It was listed recently in October 2019. and is trading at present with a huge premium.
  • : No, the shareholder cannot ask for dividends, only the company management will decide on that matter. When shares are not allotted to him by the company his money is refunded by the company itself, there is no necessity to ask.
  • : Investments in equities as an asset class are done usually for a long period of time ( say 3 to 5 years) or be unlimited may pass from one generation to another. Trading on other hand is done by traders for a day, intra day, or short to medium term in order to encash the momentum in stock markets.
  • : Face value is the division of the amount of capital required for the company divided by number of equal units usually ( 10, 100, 1000)rupees. Dividend is the profit made by the company that is shared among all the shareholders which is usually announced as a percentage of its face value. Bonus is the additional number of shares given by the company to the shareholders . Stock split is the division in the face value of the company and accordingly the shareholders will have increased number of shares.
  • : Sensex and Nifty are the acronyms for the Bombay and National stock exchange respectively.
  • : NSE was started very much late in the early 2000's attracted the investors and traders of stock market by introducing and updating digital technology services and many more services to the public so that their trades are hassle free than the Bombay stock exchange. . large number of trades happen only in NSE.
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