Stock trading is a Business. Buyers and sellers meet at a common platform called Stock Market. Stock trading can be a investment or a intra day . Stock Market is a secondary market. Knowledge and Discipline are key factors to be a successful trader.

  • : A place to buy and sell stocks,governed by regulatory board.
  • : It is a common platform where buyers/sellers could meet and make Business deal over stocks.
  • : Stock Market Commodities Market Groceries Market Similarities: *Exchange between buyers/sellers. * Trades happen . * Demand and Supply determine the prices. Differences: * As like other market , trade deals happen instantaneously .Trade Settlement happen post the trading day(after 3.30pm). * As like other markets , traders are not responsible for settlement.Taken care by the Exchange(BSE/NSE).
  • : SEBI is a regulatory body and governs the trading . All Exchanges operates in compliance with the SEBI regulations .
  • : Share Holder - Traders who own the share. Promoter - People promoting a company from the base. They necessarily not hold the stock of the company always. They could evict the holdings once they find profit.
  • : Primary Market is where Company issues IPO over media collecting fund for the company. Secondary Market - Share Market where stocks gets exchanged and Company has no role to be played there.
  • : Initial Public Offering. Application has to be submitted to the Broker/Banks who does brokerage services , based on the demand , the shares will be allocated.
  • : Refunds can never be asked,but he can sell his stocks in the market if he needs to liquidate the stocks.Dividend is solely company's decision .
  • : Investment - It is more of a long/mid term . A stock if purchased within a day has not gone up , a buyer can decide to hold the stock until it reaches the expected target. Trading - A buy and sell or vice-versa executed within a given trade day.
  • : Face Value - A mere denomination of total fund collected by Company to the no of stocks issued. Dividend - A amount paid back to the stock holders from the profit gained . Decision of paying dividend is solely Management's decision and a share holder can't claim it. Bonus - A amount paid to the workers of a company as part of the company profit.
  • : SENSEX - Average of top 30 companies traded in BSE. NIFTY - Average of top 50 companies traded in NSE.
  • : NSE is more famous because it has more trading volumes than BSE. Other exchanges: Madras Stock Exchange
  • : What is Split
  1. Maruti Patil 2 years ago

    mast hai

  2. Naresh 2 years ago

    Stock splits are mainly carried out with the intention of increasing liquidity. Once liquidity increases, more buyers and sellers trade in the stock. The split does not affect the value of your holdings even and it doesn’t affect the share’s intrinsic value. Only the advantage is When a share’s price runs up too high, smaller investors find it difficult to buy it. To make it attractive for such people, the company carries out the split, which brings down the share price. So, while some investors may be unwilling to pay Rs 1,000 for a certain stock, they may be more inclined to buy it at Rs 250, following a 4:1 split.

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