Stock market is the place where buyer and seller of stock meets.
IPO, stock trading, listing, dividend and bonus declaration, split are some of the activities carried out here.

  • : Stock market is a place where the stocks are getting traded or exchanged.
  • : To gather all people in one place to trade/exchange stock.
  • : Vegetable market, Fish market, Flower market. Similarity btwn markets - Trading Difference - Other markets physical products are traded, but in stock market contract paper is traded and not physical product.
  • : Security Exchange Board of India, which over looks all the listed companies for transparency in all transaction and details of the company.
  • : Holder - On who owns the share Promoter - The one who starts the company. Director - Appointed by major share holders, who overlooks the day today operation on behalf of share holders.
  • : Primary where you need advertisement to get the investors or direct contract btwn the company and investor. Stock market is the secondary market where no need for any advertisement bcoz investors are available readily.
  • : Initial Public Offering - Initial issue of shares by a company to public. Indigo Paints, open date - 20-Jan-21, lot size-10shares, Price - 1488-1490, listing Date-2-Feb-21
  • : No, share holders don't have right to ask for refund or dividend. Instead they can transfer the shares to another person.
  • : Investments are done for long term gain, whereas trading is done for short term gain in the price.
  • : Face Value - Value per share or original cost of share during the first time issue. Dividend - Declared on the profit or surplus cash available. Bonus - Giving additional shares based on the profit earned by the company. split - Issuing more number of stocks for the currently held stock.1:2, 1:3, etc.,
  • : Sensex is the index indicating avg. performance of top stocks trading in BSE. NIFTY is the index indicating avg. performance of 50 numbers of stocks trading in NSE
  • : At, NSE the data is organized properly and easy for the beginners too. So, it's got popular. Other exchanges like madras exchange is also available.
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