Stock market is place where we buy/sell shares to make profit regulated by SEBI.
Brokers are licensed with SEBI to provide platform/interface for buyers/sellers to trade.
When company needs huge investment which cannot raised within their limits they offer IPO[primary market].If the share price goes beyond Company’s fixed price it gets listed profitable in IPO & rates goes high.
Dividend-profit proportionately divided amongst share holders.
When share price goes up-we buy-termed as LONG
When share price goes down-you sell-termed as SHORT.
Buyers gets arranged in descending order of the quoted price
Sellers gets arranged in ascending order of the quoted price

  • : stock market is a place to buy & sell shares
  • : we need stock market to buy & sell shares & to make money
  • : stock market,vegetable market Difference-product that is traded stock market-we have a common body [exchange] through which we bid & buy/sell shares
  • : securities & exchange board if India. regulates securities & commodities market.
  • : promoters sets up the company. Whoever possesses the shares of the company are share holders/owners of the company.promoters can be a share holder. Directors manages the company
  • : primary market is before IPO listing. secondary market after listing in stock exchange
  • : Initial Public Offer-to raise funds required by the company from public Star health insurance IPO open date 30/11/21 Close date 02/12/21 IPO price Rs 870-900 face value-Rs 10 Lot-16 shares-max lots 13 IPO listing-Dec 10
  • : Share holder is owner of the company & is liable to gt profit for the apportioned share as dividend.Hence cannot ask for refund.
  • : Investments is buying stocks for long term gains. Trading is buying/selling shares with short-term benefit .
  • : face value -a number fixed by promoters. Dividend-profit given in proportion to the investors-decided by company board of directors. bonus-no idea split-when the shares are split to increase no but rates are not diluted
  • : Sensex-top 30 companies average in Bombay stock exchange NIFTY-Sensex-top 50 companies average in National stock exchange
  • : NSE has larger volume of business-hence more buyers/sellers than BSE other exchanges-Newyork exchange,commodities previous Madras stock exchange & other state exchanges are unified as NSE/BSE in India..
  • : what is bonus

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