Stock market is the place where you can buy and sell those shares of those companies which now become public through the process of IPO. Both NSE and BSE exchanges creates the platform to buy and sell the shares.
Stock market enables investor to invest and trade to earn profits.

  • : Stock market is the place where we can buy and sell the stock of those companies which are completed their IPO and now share holders have option to sell and buy in stock market, earlier it used to be the physical market place but now we have online platform for stock market where we can buy and sell our stocks.
  • : We need stock market to buy and sell our shares, basically it is the exchange which allows the stock buyers and sellers to trade. Stock market creates a online platform for traders and investors to choose their positions accordingly as per their trade requirement.
  • : NSE and BSE are the markets for the trader who wants to buy and sell the shares. This are the platforms where the traders and investors to trade and invest. Now it is a online market enables to buy and sell online.
  • : Securities exchange board of India, protects the buyer and seller from any frauds which may happen from the exchanges or brokers. It creates the rules and regulations to protect the interest of the investors.
  • : Promoters are the people who have started the business with initial investment and when the want to grow their business they go public by IPO and in IPO share holder are those who buy shares of the company from IPO . Directors are those people who are elected by the share holders and promoters who can run and manage the business.
  • : In primary market, people can buy an IPO shares and later which are traded in secondary market.
  • : Initial public offering is a process where company goes for public by issuing shares to public. India Mart Inter Mesh Limited IPO Issue Date - 24th June 2019, Listing Date - 4th July 2019 Subscription status: No. of Times Issue Subscribed (BSE + NSE): 36.21 times
  • : Share holder has no right to ask for any refund or dividends but he has option to sell his share to other.
  • : Both investors and trader are here to make money, investor invests in a particular company for long period but the trader invests money for short period. ex - Warren buffet usually invests in a best business company like Berkshire hathway where as trader like us trade for short term
  • : Face value is the value derived from the division of initial investment from the company It is decided by promoter while going for IPO. Dividend: the amount paid to the share holders from the companies profit is called dividend Bonus: When a company decides to give an extra share to the share holder by converting their reserves into the shares. Split: It means company wants to divide the current one share into multiple shares is called split and this enables the liquidity.
  • : Sensex and Nifty are the averages of 30 and 50 top company shares in India from BSE and NSE exchanges respectively. This actually helps us to gauge how market is performing on whole. This are calculated from the weighted average price from the listed top 30 and 50 stocks of SENSEX and Nifty accordingly
  • : BSE was a old exchange in India, later NSE has came into existence, But NSE gives more transparency than BSE, NSE even charge the less transaction cost than BSE.

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