fundamental and technical analysis- pros and cons; candlestick chart.

  • : stock price is the same price quoted by seller and buyer of the stock. as there are different buyers and sellers who wish to buy/sell stocks at different price, the price changes often.
  • : fundamental analysis is the analysis made over the company. e.g. capital of the company, its overall share value, its turnover, its litigation, no of workers, profit and loss, etc.,
  • : technical analysis is analyzing a company along with the market. how we predict that the stock of the particular company will move bullish or bearish using various/particular theories over the prevailing market price.
  • : pros: with the capital the turnover we can hardly select big companies bucket list. cons: we can't identify what are the litigations and how many workers are there in a company. many of the required files and account won't be transparent.
  • : for fundamental analysis we need exact paper and accounts, credible ledger accounts, litigations papers etc. technical analysis need to be done with the flow of the market along with knowledge and discipline.
  • : with some unexpected news, the stock price may come high/low. thus, the stock price may get the earning ability. an analyst analysis the news in trend with the market and earns over by buying and selling of a stock.
  • : average turnover is around 60 crores. no one can manipulate the stock price.
  • : pros: transparent data, can go with the flow of the market and make profit, exchange is common for all retail and large investors, reliable data on real time basis. cons: need the knowledge and discipline to predict what to buy and sell at the right time.
  • : in penny stocks people can able to manipulate the stock price by buying huge quantity and make the share price to go up.
  • : line chart, bar chart, point and figure chart, candlestick.
  • : in candlestick we can able to recognize the trend of the market for the long run in a short span of time along with the volume. but in line chart it will be difficult to analyze the trend along with the volume of the trade. with line chart alone, market seems to be bullish or bearish, but we look out the volume of the trade, it may not be the actual case when it was traded with meager volume of trade. manipulation of stock price is possible with line chart alone.
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