Stock market is a secondary market where buyers and sellers meet to buy/sell their shares. Regulated by SEBI. NSE and BSE are the 2 exchanges in India. We can buy/sell shares through DP/Broker. NIFTY is the most popular and liquid stock of NSE. It also helps companies to collect money from the public through IPO, thus improving economy.

  • : It is an exchange where buyers and sellers of stock meet to trade.
  • : It is a secondary market to sell and liquidate the available shares or to own shares of a specific company.
  • : super market. vegetable market. Similarities: It is a place where buyers and sellers meet to buy/sell their holdings/products. Differences: In stock market we will exchange the stocks of listed companies. Where as in other markets we will exchange the manufactured goods.
  • : Securities exhange board of india. It as a regulatory body for the securities market by the govt of india. They watch and control the activities of the exchanges.
  • : A share holder is a person who holds the share of the company. he is eligible for the dividends. he don't have any rights in any internal matters of the company The promoter is the person who initiated the business from the scratch he have the rights in decision making and how to run the businesss. The director or CEO is the person who runs the show at present.
  • : Primary market is the IPO, the first time the company comes to the public for money to expand the business. Secondary market is the share market where buyers and sellers exchange their shares. And buyers of primary market can liquidate their shares.
  • : IPO Initial Public Offer: Appoint a merchant banker-Apply to sebi-Getting not from sebi-DRHP-Market the IPO-Fix the price band-book building-closure-listing day. Recent IPO: AA Plus Tradelink Ltd Offer Issue Open Date08-07-2021Issue Close Date13-07-2021Listing DateN/AFace Value (Rs)10Offer Price/Range (Rs)18Issued at (Value) Premium (8) Issue Size (Retail)3408000Shares@18/shareIssue TypePublic Issue (Fixed Portion
  • : no a share holder cannot ask for refund/dividends. It is within the power of the board of directors of the company
  • : investment: Expecting returns from an long term perspective. Use the FA to study the stocks and TA for entry and exit. Trading: Making profit by buying and selling of shares. Short term perspective. Intraday, swing trader, scalper.
  • : Face value is the original cost of stocks listed in the certificate. Dividends are paid to distribute the profits made by the company and it is paid on per share basis. A bonus is a stock dividend allotted by the company to reward share holders. Stock split declared by the company. As per the split the face value changes.
  • : Senses and nifty are the index of the BSE and Nifty. Weightages are given using free float market capitalization.
  • : NSE introduced technology, screen based trading, things are transparent and professional. BSE made it only after the regulatory forced them. Interpolation of the market. 1992 scam, liquidity, charges etc.

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