day 1, i understood what is stock market, why we need stock market, and who comes there, what are similarities difference, initial public offer, and how sebi helpful to us in trading, what happens in primary markets and also ion secondary markets, and some technical terms like face value, dividend, bonus, split, exchanges like nse bse and their index for beginners like me it is very useful to understand the terms regarding trading.

  • : stock market is market where stock buying and stock selling take place
  • : stock market needed to regulate exchange, where investors can safely buy and sell stocks vegetable, electronics, etc
  • : similarities : all buyers and sellers are coming to the market to exchange differences: exchange take place only through the brokers
  • : securities and exchange board of India, to control the malpractices in market securities, like delay in settlements and other issues
  • : share holders :when people together invest in the company and they share the capital, they are the owner of the company. promoter : one who promote the company from the base not necessary owner at correct times because many promoters promotes the business if they find good returns out of it they might sell are they move out completely directors :are the people they run the show, they are the captain of the ship, they are not necessary owners , in some cases they do have some shares in the company so they act as a duel role
  • : primary markets : where we actually give huge mass ads and if they interested in the company in turn they take applications fill the forms attach the dd and they send it back to us. all these this happens in the primary markets. secondary markets : are stock markets where product sold in second's by myself (my shares get exchanged, transferred to second party) my company will not give any refund because its already got invested so i transferred my shares.
  • : in a lifetime the company coming to the public to collect capital for the first time comes under IPO, it process happens through primary markets by huge mass ads if they interested in the company in turn they take applications fill the forms attach the dd and they send it back to us nowadays it happens through online.
  • : no, because the share holders are the owners of the company, their share price amount was already invested in the company, as a retail investor we can transfer the share in the share markets in exchange of money according to the current share price.
  • : Investing entails building wealth gradually over an extended period of time through the buying and holding of stocks. Trading, on the other hand, involves more frequent buying and selling of stocks, with the goal of generating faster returns.
  • : the face value is the original cost of the stock, as listed on the certificate a dividend is defined as a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders. Bonus shares are additional shares given to the current shareholders without any additional cost, based upon the number of shares that a shareholder owns. A stock split is a decision by a company's board of directors to increase the number of shares that are outstanding by issuing more shares to current shareholders.
  • : list of 30 companies consisting of sensex in BSE, list of 50 companies consisting of nifty in NSE Since there are thousands of company listed on a stock exchange, hence it’s really hard to track every single stock to evaluate the market performance at a time. Therefore, a smaller sample is taken which is the representative of the whole market. This small sample is called Index and it helps in the measurement of the value of a section of the stock market. The index is computed from the prices of selected stocks.
  • : Even though the BSE was the oldest stock exchange of India and the face of Indian Economy, they lagged in bringing varieties to the trading table where NSE utilized the drawback of BSE and introduced more attractive diversified trading instruments to trade online in the stock market like shares, Futures, options etc., which attracted more people to move to NSE.
  • : how come dividend is declared ?
  • : how much dividend a company can declare

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