2.5 lakh crores of turnover takes place on daily basis in NSE.
News help to reach the information about the stock to retailers. However at that time Institutions complete their trade. Only in low volume stock it may be possible to manipulate. Also Because of Lack of confidence and volume and chance of manipulation traders should avoid penny stock. Cons: We common people wont get access to all the data.
Pro: if we could get the Detailed information that could help us to get in to stocks earlier and exit earlier before the retailers.

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  1. Naresh 4 years ago

    High volume stocks are less volatile. When so many people are buying and selling, and there are literally thousands of orders waiting to be filled at any minute, the difference between the bid price and ask price for any given stock is much smaller so, it’s all about investors’ sentiment and it shows how much conviction investors have in a trend.

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