Analysis two types fundamental and technical.

  • : 1. Performance of the company 2.Based on active buyers and sellers. 3. News about the company. 4.Change of main board members in the company
  • : It is about the company, derived from various factors about the company.But those factors are mainly available to the inside man of the compnaies
  • : Analysis based on the historical data of the market and price and volume previously traded. We can analyse through the DOW Theory, price patters and candle stick chart patterns
  • : Pros: It first comes to our plate before the news goes to the market, Cons: It very hard to access the information.
  • : In technical analysis: Previous year chart data is required
  • : No Idea
  • : No Idea
  • : Pros: We have huge amount of data and we can do our analysis and form our stratergy. cons: We can't be sure about the outcome.
  • : because it is highly volatile
  • : line,area, candle sticks and so on
  • : For huge amount of data we can easily predict the open, close ,high and low of the stock It is based on colors and hence it can be easy to understand
  • : What is the average turnover in NSE only daily basis?
  • : Explain the relationship of news, earning, and analyst report with

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