In this section learnt about the fundamental, technical and chart types.

  • : Driven by the supply and demand. If the demand is higher the price will go up and vice versa for downside.
  • : Analyzing the company product, structure, market demand for that product, production cost,etc.,
  • : Analyze the stock with the help of charting and charting tools.
  • : By fundamental analyse we can get to know the company's strength and weakness. But, for an outsider it is not possible to get all the fundamental data correctly and fully.
  • : Fundamental analysis - Details about the product, raw material, machinery cost, operating cost,etc., Technical analysis - Needs the charting platform & tools.
  • : News, earning and analyst report can impact the stock price mostly against the report sentiment or news sentiment.
  • : Avg. daily turnover for 2017-2018 is 29410 Cr. stock price can't be manipulated.
  • : Technical analysis can proved the market's current trend and the strength and weakness of the company.
  • : Liquidity is the issue.
  • : Candle, bar, line, renko, etc.,
  • : Line charts are showing only the close price. But, in Candlestick chart we can get to know the O,H,L,C values and the day trend whether bullish or bearish can be identified.
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    Good exercises… Keep up the great work.

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