Stock Analysis play a major role for trading as well as investment.

  • : Stock Price drives by volume. Price changes due to volume differs.
  • : Fundamental analysis investigates the financial health of the company. It investigates it in two ways, quantitatively as well as qualitatively. It is up to investor how much weightage he/she gives to qualitative & quantitative analysis.
  • : Technical analysis is a method of future price movement analysis of a stock or index using historical data available of price and volume.
  • : PRO - The essence of fundamental analysis is that ‘In the long run, stocks always return to their true values, supported by the company’s health’. CONS - The data requirement is huge for fundamental analysis and some are not accessible by the common man.
  • : Data Required for Fundamental analysis - Balance sheet , Profit and Loss Statement, Annual Reports, Announcements by the company, Industry specific news and Any major economic reforms like change in relevant laws. Data Required for Technical analysis - It requires charts showing the trading history and statistics for whatever security is being analyzed.
  • : Good news/Good Earning - stock price may go up and some times may not.
  • : 30,815.95 crore, NO.
  • : PRO - Helps to find out entry and exit. CONS - Not 100% accurate.
  • : Small company may not give big returns.
  • : Types of Charts - Line Chart - Bar Chart - Japanese Candlestick chart.
  • : Line chart can be used to interpret trends but besides that no other information can be derived. Bar charts lacks visual appeal and one cannot identify patterns easily. For this reason bar charts are not very popular. Japanese Candlestick chart can be used to interpret trends, visual appeal is good and one can identify patterns easily so it is very popular among traders.
  1. Naresh 3 years ago

    This will be the appropriate answer for the question-What drives the stock price? : Demand & supply drives the stock price and even sentiments too. if more buyers entered into the market then the price will go up because of lacking in demand… if more seller entered into the market then the market price will go downward. That’s the major criteria for the price changes.

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