the basic understandig of various terms like bse nse sensex nifty sebi stock market ipo divident owner management is very important
regulatory body need
equal platform for all
gainer is there surly loseris there
minig- expioitation of nature thus gaining
agricultre-exep..of water land gaining
insm no external loser

  • : a place where shares are traded olden days it is aphysical place now a software it is alike veg market etc
  • : we need it because a regulated place where lot of traters available
  • : veg market paddy market elct goods market hardware market in the aove phycical trate occurs in sm phycical trafer could be speculaed for a day or given days
  • : it regulates nse bse it regulates the companies shares it main role is to provide tranperency and to createequal platform for all
  • : share holder- one of owner promoter-the one intially conceived idea and developed director- manages the company myself- share holder adani- promoter chadra-director
  • : first buying/ issuing=primary market need not thourh sm primary market - funtamentals of company play big role subseqent trades of shares done in secondary market ipo- primary market share deals- secondary market
  • : intial public offer- company collects money for in vesment company advertise its prospectsand seeking participation in ownership by paying capital
  • : no it is invested in assets dividents- management desision
  • : invesments are risklesshence return limited comparitively trading risky obviosly profit/ loss high ipo- invesment short- trading
  • : the value of one share in company book is face value dividend- the share of profit given by company to share holder this is desion by management bonus-addional share issued to existing holder if one sare is 10rs face value it canbe split to two shares of 5rs or ten shares of 1rs
  • : sensex- bse average-it is calculated based on 30 companies listed in bse nifty-nseaverage itis calculated based on 50 compay in nse
  • : nse first to introduce future/option bse taken longer time to catch the bus
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