Like any other market, share market is the place where shares are traded. Shares are issued initially by the company through IPO. Later the same is traded in the share market. The popular exchanges are BSE and NSE. The popular indexes are NIFTY and SENSEX.

  • : Stock market is a place where buying and selling of various companies shares listed in the exchanges are happening
  • : In order to buy and sell the shares publicly with 100% transparent manner, we need a stock market
  • : 1) Vegetable market 2) Electronic market 3) Stock market Similarities: In all the markets there are products. The price is fixed based on the supply and demand condition
  • : SEBI: Securities and Exchange Board of India. Role: To protect the interests of investors in securities and to promote the development of, and to regulate the securities market. It is a kind of regulation body for the stock exchanges and stock market.
  • : Share holder: One who owns the share(s) of the company Promoter: Who promoted the company from the base. Not necessarily the owner of the company in the current situation. Director: Who runs the show of the company
  • : Primary market: Where the shares are sold by the company directly through IPO Secondary market: Where the shares are transferred from one to another through trading.
  • : IPO: Initial Public Offering Process: The company will communicate the issuance of IPO to collect the fund/capital through various forms of advertisements.
  • : No. Share holder has no right to ask for refund and dividends.
  • : Investment in stocks is considered as long term investment. Means returns are expected with significant time duration. Trading: Stocks are traded to get the profit in shorter duration of time
  • : Face Value: Capital/No of shares Dividend: Sharing the profit Bonus: Additional share issued without any cost to the existing share holders Split: The existing stocks will be split with a defined ratio.
  • : Both SENSEX and NIFTY are indexes of Indian share market. It represents the averages of the share values of the listed companies in the index.
  • : NSE is the new entrant. It has introduced lot of new technologies and systems. People can directly participate in the trade.
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