We here studied about price patterns Double Top bottom patterns, Cup patterns, Flag patterns, Triangle patterns in technical analysis. CUP patterns

  • : Double top pattern, Double bottom pattern, Head and shoulder pattern, Cup pattern, Flag pattern, Triangle pattern , candlestick pattern, etc.,
  • : In Dow theory demand and supply is considered and volume is high and very high. but in price pattern the price is considered with low volume and in the market the cup pattern, the flag pattern, the triangle pattern etc.,
  • : Two equivalent top volume at point B or C should be high duration should be Minimum 20 days short position (bearish trend) can be considered below previous low
  • : Two equivalent bottom.. is called double bottom. volume at point B or C should be high. duration between Point A and B should be minimum 20 days Long positions (bearish trend) can be considered above previous high.
  • : The Duration to form shoulder, Head, shoulder is 3 months The Head should be the highest among the recent price action. Generally the volume during the Left shoulder should be highest. Right Shoulder volume should be as low as possible. It is distribution pattern and for bearish trend
  • : The inverted Head and Shoulder Pattern indicates the accumulation and it is for bullish trend.
  • : During the rounding bottom the volume is expected to be low as possible called cup pattern. Cup patterns are generally powerful if it takes long time to construct. The correlation between the market to the stock should be low during the MID of pattern. and it is for bullish trend.
  • : A steeper pole, Rectangular shaped sideways movement can be considered as Flag. Generally take less time to form, Positive pole flag should give positive break out. Volume is expected to increase while giving breakout. It is 4 to 7 days. Flag should not drift lower doubt the quality of Flag.
  • : After flag pattern occurs The breakout point is entry price . the previous low is stop loss. one and half times of the price is exit price.
  • : 5 wave corrective pattern (A-B-C-D-E) should form a triangle shaped structure. The triangle area should be minimum 1.5 months. Triangle breakout expected around 70% Zone. Volume required to confirm breakout.. Both are aggressive.

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