Price patterns are important part of the technical analysis. While analysing the price pattern we should consider the volume along with it

  • : 1.Head and Shoulder 2.Triangle 3.Cup 4.Flag 5. so on...
  • : In DOW theory we need to analyse minimum 2 years of data to predict the current trend, but using the price pattern we can easily predict the demand and supply in shorter duration
  • : Double top is a price pattern, Chart should have 2 equivalent top. Distance between A to B should be minimum 1 month. At point B volume should be traded high based on these condition we can prepare the trade plan.
  • : Double pattern is a price pattern used for bullish trend. Must have two equivalent bottom(A & B). Duration between A and B should be minimum 1 month. Volume should be traded high at point B.
  • : 1.base line with three peak 2.Middle peak should be high 3.H&S chart depicts the bullish to bearish trend
  • : Similar to head and shoulder but inverted represents the bearish to bullish trend, When the chart breaks the resistance line it moves from bearish to bullish.
  • : 1. U shape pattern 2. Determines the bullish trend of the market 3. Volume should be traded high on the market.
  • : 1. Aggressive pattern 2. 15 days to 1 month required 3. Steep line and follows side way and the there would be a breakout
  • : Entry = Breakout price Exit = Long position stop loss = Breakout area end position
  • : 1.% wave corrective pattern 2.duration 1.5 month 3.Break out should be expected 4. Volume to be confirmed
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  1. Naresh 3 months ago

    The first leg of the bullish flag pattern is characterized by a sharp rally in price in the direction of the current trend(at least 2-3 days sharp rally in the steeper pole) and volume should be high during the breakout day.

    This is an appropriate trade plan for flag pattern:-
    Your entry should be just above the breakouts of the consolidation range
    Set a stop loss just below the flag formation
    Your target should be based on the height of the flag

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