In this section learnt about various patterns.

  • : Price patterns are use to identify the supply and demand zones.
  • : It gives early signal than the dow theory
  • : Two equivalent tops with high volume at second top or at crossing of the neck line
  • : Two equivalent bottoms with high volume at second bottom or at crossing of the neck line
  • : out of scope
  • : out of scope
  • : out of scope
  • : steeper pole with rectangular price movement. volume should be low during flag movement. duration is very short.
  • : Enter when the price breaks on the same side of the pole and stop loss should be the low side of the rectangular price movement area.
  • : Triangle pattern forms as a wave of five A,B,C,D,E. Indicates trend consolidation. Requires min.45 days to form, volume should be high during breakout. while joining the tops and bottoms looks like a triangle

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