In this section different types of price pattern its condition are studied

  • : Double top and double bottom, triangle pattern ,flag, head and shoulders ..
  • : In price pattern the characterstic of the trend can be found abd the time period is very low compared to dow theory an number of early calls can be made but in dow theory there are high chance to miss the early calls
  • : In doyble top the top should be equuvalent and the volume should be high in second top and there should be short position created when the price goes down the bottom between the top.
  • : In double bottom there should be a equivalent bottom and the volume should be high in second bottom and the long position should be created when the price raise above the top in between
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  • : In flag pattern there should be formation if steeper pole of 75 to 80 degree and the rectangular price should be followed which should not be more drip in price abd the volume should be very low in rectangular price
  • : Entry price should be just after the breakout Exit price should be just after the price movement has reversed its direction Stop loss should be at the point where the breakout gap is filled
  • : The points A, B, C, D and E are identified and when the points are joined , they form a triangle. Duration is a period of 1.5 months. At this period, volume is required in order that the breakout occurs and and the price movement goes up.

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