Overall Stock market is a place where sellers and buyers meet and trade over their demands. To collect them in India we have to place one is NSE and other is BSE. These exchanges help us to trade easily by listing out the companies. Any problem in the exchange is sorted out by SEBI with its rules and regulations.

  • : A place where shares of a company are being traded between sellers and buyers as per the demand for shares
  • : Stock market is needed because a company and its share price are sorted and kept for buyers and sellers to easily identify and trade .
  • : Not having ideas about other markets
  • : SEBI is a regulatory body which sets rules and provide regulations to the exchange .
  • : Share holders are persons who have equal shares in profit of the company Promoter is a person who have taken the company to the next level, he does not necessary be a share holder Director of a company comes under the management, he is the one who now runs the company with ideas and strategies
  • : Primary market is where a company comes to public offering for the first time Secondary market is where a company's shares are being traded
  • : Initial Public Offering An IPO offers to transit private ltd to public company by collecting investments from public investors The process includes Proposal, Underwriter, Documentation, Shares issued
  • : The share holder has right to ask for dividends and not refund. They are not entitled for refund as they did not invest in the capital of the company
  • : Trading is buying or selling shares done within a day's limit. For example buying a share at Rs.100 and selling it on the same day with a little profit is known as trading Investment is something that is not done within a day. It takes time to buy or sell a share so that the profit is also high
  • : Face value is a denomination with which a share price was determined at the beginning Dividend is a share of the profit given to the share holders Bonus is extra shares given to shareholders for free of cost
  • : Sensex and Niffy are index of NSE and BSE Sensex and Nifty shows the overall performance of the companies listed in BSE and NSE by taking the average .
  • : Maybe because more traders trade in NSE . It may also be due to the name National as it does not confide to any particular region so it may attract more traders to trade
  • : what is split stocks
  • : Other markets
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  1. Naresh 6 months ago

    Please find below the response to your queries

    Your Question 1 :: what is split?
    Stock splits are mainly carried out with the intention of increasing liquidity. Once liquidity increases, more buyers and sellers trade in the stock. The split does not affect the value of your holdings even and it doesn’t affect the share’s intrinsic value. Only the advantage is When a share’s price runs up too high, smaller investors find it difficult to buy it. To make it attractive for such people, the company carries out the split, which brings down the share price. So, while some investors may be unwilling to pay Rs 1,000 for a certain stock, they may be more inclined to buy it at Rs 250, following a 4:1 split.

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