1. PRATEEK GUPTA 5 years ago

    good spot

  2. M S Vengatesan 5 years ago

    Good spot & recommendation

  3. Milanrp 5 years ago

    I would not recommend buy at this time. Because the prices have been oscillating between the range and this is the top part of the range.
    Prices are oscillating in this range for the past 4 years approx.
    Please see the image that I attached.

  4. V.VEDANAYAGAM 5 years ago

    Dear Milanrp
    From the captured chart the scrip is not range bound because remarkable break down occurred four times almost to the extent of the width of your noted range and also break out happened to the extent of Rs 18. Even if you are under the view of range bound oscillation of this scrip the short term trade plan data are only with in your marked range. Any trade plan may not fetch profit but must be in tune with tech analysis .Let us thrive on.

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