It has given me a very insight on the price movements and reversal and its a great tool to understand the demand and supply zones

  • : DOW theory is a tech analysis that indicates price movement of the share be it uptrend , down trend or side ways movement
  • : Line chart Period - min 3 months and max 3 years
  • : Higher Top , HIgher Bottom, LOwer top , lower bottom, flag patterns, Double bottom and double top
  • : Forecasting future price movement not possible , we can understand only on the current trends
  • : Range breakouts either at the top or bottom will help us in determining bullish or bearish trend and basis this we can go for a long or shot positions
  • : Support level - when the price goes down Resistance level - When the price goes up and there is will be high probability of trend reversal both in support and resistance zones
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  1. Maruti Patil 2 years ago


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