Market is place of trade (stock, commodity, anything). Market is regulated by SEBI. Need DEMAT account to trade shares. SENSEX, NIFTY are indicators of market trend but not a guarantee of particular company performance.

  • : A common place for sellers and buyers to meet and trade.
  • : A unified platform to provide maximum oppurtunity of meet of prospective buyers and sellers, thereby increasing transparency and openess.
  • : Commodity Market Stock Market In a commodity market physical commodity as well as stock gets traded. In stock exchange only stocks get traded.
  • : Securities Exchange Board of India - They play the role of regulating the stock exchanges in India.
  • : Share Holder - A person who owns a share in a company Promoter - A person who founded/started the business. May or may not be sole owner. Director - A person who runs the daily affairs of the business. May or may not be the owner.
  • : Primary market - A market where the stock of a company is directly sold to prospective buyers. Secondary market - Where a already in possesion stock gets traded.
  • : Initial Public Offering is a way of capital raising by companies by offering a part of ownership of the companies in the way of stocks. IPOs can be applied/subscribed by prospective buyers through their registered brokers.
  • : No shareholder cannot ask a refund, rather reserves the right to sell the share at a price of his asking. No he cannot ask for dividends. That is a decision to taken by the company management.
  • : Investment primary focus is to multiply returns for a after a period. Trading is sell/buy of shares at a margin for immediate realisation of profit.
  • : Face value is the price per share at the time of initial issue by the company. Dividend is the bonus given to companies to share holders as a way of distributing profit. Split is a method of giving addition shares to existing share holders.
  • : SENSITIVE INDEX OF BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE - an index average of Top companies in BSE. NIFTY - Index a top companies in NSE. Both are indicators of overall performance of the stock exchange and general mood of market.
  • : BSE is older than NSE and therefore has a lot more companies listed. Large nos of the companies in BSE are small and not structured, hence prone to manipulation. NSE has a lower nos of listed companies and hence well monitored.

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