This chapter give more knowledge about analysis of the stock . why we need fundamental analysis and technical analysis. what is better . where is the entry and quick decision making and stock selection. how the impact of news and other .

  • : Supply and Demand drives the stock price. changes of supply and demand , buyer and sellers sentiments price changes often
  • : we analyse the company fundamental details balance sheet, cash flow, sales of the company debt details , management of the company future plan, orders of the company earning per share, value of share.
  • : supply and demand find through chart using price pattern and volume of the buyer and sellers. finally we find the entry and target and stop loss.
  • : pros.we find the so many details about the company and cmp is worth and company details order. cons. we need so many details and take long period takes decision and details shows only past history not in future.
  • : fundamental- cash flow , debt details, expenses, operating cost , tax, capital, earnings. Technical - two years price and volume data and charting platform.
  • : news always affect the CMP because good news came price increase, bad news came price decrease. If earning is good in particular stock the will increase only. some minor correction. Analyst report also affect the price good report came price will go up ,negative report will go down.
  • : 2.5 lakh crores approximately. nobody cannot manipulate the stock price.
  • : pro. technical analysis give short term identification of the stock. its give good decision making. easily shows graphical representation. con. general human cannot easily identify the entry and exit. need more knowledge.
  • : Because penny stocks turnover and liquidity is less . so not easily buy and sell.
  • : Bar chart, Line chart, Candlestick chart, area chart.
  • : Line chart gives major tops and bottoms it will form so many days later and very high price change. so, we need quick decision making chart . Candlestick chart rectify this drawback.
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  1. Naresh 3 years ago

    In response to your question
    The important distinction is that the body of the hallow candle reflects what happened during the day.
    Technical Charts use only hollow candles with black fill, when Interactive Charts will color the candle outlines in this manner:
    If Close is greater than previous close, the bar is outlined in green.
    If Close is less than previous close, the bar is outlined in red.
    When close is above the open price, the candle is hollow.
    When close is below the open price, the candle is filled.

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