Hi Friends,

Iam Bhavani Prabu. I would like to share my thoughts and experience about EQSIS here.


Before training:
I basically introduced myself to the concept of candles and technical indicators from internet and started trading in stock markets.
But could not implement those concepts in making profits.
I had a thought that some stock training course would help me make some easy money out of the markets by
providing me extraordinary indicators or tricks for trading. So I give it a shot and enrolled myself for a three day session at EQSIS.


At the training:
Mr.Murugan the teacher of the training session, a knowledgeable, inspiring and dedicated person revealed that trading is a business
if done with knowledge and discipline. He delivered the concepts of the stock market analysis and also gave the confidence of trading.
He illustrated and explained the details with real life examples that we could relate easily and understand.
He not only transferred his knowledge to us but also insisted to do it the right disciplined way to sustain longer and make it a profitable business.


After training:
The interesting part of the training session was the videos and follow up workshop. The videos at EQSIS site helped us remember the classroom concepts and workshop made us work on the patterns and analysis in our own way which was reviewed and checked by Mr.Murugan with follow up comments. This encouraged us to perform better.


Constant support:
After completion of the 30 days workshop Eqsis took us to the next level of interacting in groups. We have been posting live analysis and trading tips and sharing market movements regularly. Eqsis platform also provides us information and market happenings in a consolidated way that have been updated on daily basis.
The end of 3 day raining session and the 30 days workshop was just the beginning of my career.
The training was greatly helpful not only in making some extra money but am glad that i made a interesting profession for myself.

It has been close to 6 months since I attended the training and I cherish all the time I have invested starting from the day of the training, to the continuous encouragement of the doing activities in the EQSIS site and sharing the learning via continuous postings in the blogs..

It has been quite a fantastic journey and big thanks to Mr.Murugan for his patience and guidance all along for building people like me.

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  1. EQSIS 6 years ago

    Thank you for recognizing our efforts, Your appreciation gives us great encouragement to do better. I would appreciate any advice from you regarding how we can improve further in delivering our services.

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