Stock market is the place where we can trade stocks. Stock market plays both business and gamble based on the player. We need to understand the pattern and analyse the market before we trade. We need to make profit in the market rather need to reduce our loss in the capital if our study fails. If player had Risk > Return then it’s gamble. If player Risk = Return then its business. Stock player must understand the risk

  • : Where stock buyers and stock sellers trade stocks.
  • : In a common place where people can find many sellers as well as buyers to trade their stocks at their price.
  • : Vegetable market vs Stock markets We can find many sellers and buyers. we can buy things Difference: we can trade assets. we become part owner of the company. we can have rights in the company
  • : plays as the role of Police, to protect the investors capitals from fraud and not to violates any rule in the stock market
  • : Share holder: people who buys the part of the company via stocks. Promoter: Creates news and increase demand for the stock. Director: person appointed by the owners to take care of the company, he may be the owner or else he can be the salaried person.
  • : Primary market: part of the share or stocks directly deals with the company. Shares cannot be refunded. Secondary market: place we can exchange stocks with some one who is interested in the company
  • : Zomato is ready to share the profit to the public in return they need capital from the public. First time they are offering to the public is know as IPO. We can directly purchase from the company or through any exchange
  • : No, if one person asks refund it cause others to do it so it affects the company. The company decides whether to share their profit to share holders or to reinvest in their business
  • : Investment deals with low risk and expected return takes long time. Trading is ability to calculate the risk and reward.
  • : Face value: Demonetisation Dividend: Profit shared to public for specific duration.
  • : Sensex and Nifty are the indian indices. They hold the average of top companies in India. Sensex belongs to BSE and Nifty belongs to NSE. Nifty is popular one
  • : NSE introduced Futres and Options
  • : How do we get bonus from stocks?
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  1. Naresh 3 months ago

    Bonus shares are accumulated profits that a company distributes to the current shareholders as free shares. There are no additional costs involved, and the shares are given the basis of the current holding of shareholders.

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