Stock Market is place where every one in India can buy or sell stock.
We can either trade in NSE or BSE or Both.
In a Company we have MD, CEO etc to run the business, promoter who advertise and common people can own that company in the form of shares. Basically we can earn an income with some analysis. We can also consider like an investment.

  • : Stock market is a market where all the public company shares can be bought and sold.
  • : In order to buy or sell the public company shares we need a common market.
  • : Vegetable market, cotton market etc. Common thing is in each market we want to sell or buy a product. The difference in stock market is we buy digitally without making our physical presence.
  • : SEBI is securities exchange and board of India. Its an independent body like RBI who does take care of all the transparency with regard to the company, shares
  • : Share holder - company or group of people who own the company shares Promoter - Who advertise their company Director - who runs or operate the company
  • : Primary market - where the company are advertise and explained to invest by buying shares. Secondary market - where the shares are sold from the primary market
  • : Initial Public offering is the way of offering their company shares to public. After advertising and getting approval from the SEBI they go to public.
  • : Share holder cannot ask for refund or dividend. For refund they can sell the share in stock market. For dividend its up to the management to decide.
  • : Investment and trading are more or less the same, we need returns for our money. But the difference is the period of time. Eg. If I have Rs 100 and wants a return. We analyse the company and belive it can give return then we invest in longer run and if we want return in shorter time then we trade.
  • : Face value - value of each share Dividend - Profit / no of shares Bonus - giving shares for free Split - giving extra shares to existing share holder
  • : The index terms used by NSE and BSE. NSE uses NIFTY and BSE uses SENSEX
  • : To my understanding NSE has more liquity than BSE

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