Intraday trading is buying and selling of stocks in the same day. If we fail to do so our broker will square off the position or convert it into deliver trade. For intraday analysis top down approach is used.

  • : Intra day analysis is to understand the market sentiment or situation and price movement .It is buying and selling the stocks in the same day Positional analysis is mainly on demand and supply and price action movements .It is keeping the stock more than a day
  • : Yes it is mandatory to close the position on the same day otherwise it can lead to penalty
  • : Ideal time is 10 - 11 am and 2-3 pm
  • : yes, global market has impact on intraday trading. Asian market will have impact on Indian market in the morning time and European market will have impact in the afternoon time .The market is purely on sentiment on that day
  • : Positional analysis are mainly on demand and supply and price action movement., we need to study the chart and it takes time. In intraday we have to make decisions faster so we depend on market sentiments
  • : Intraday analysis is done with top down approach -Check the global market to know the market sentiment -Check FII activity to know the net value -Check Indian market sentiment -Check advance and decline -Then check sectorial index and check % change top 4 and also check turnover -Then analyze the chart for particular stock

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