technical analysis works mainly using the input from price/volume. retail traders using technical analysis for short term can benefit based on the price moments.

  • : Stock Price is determined by the buyer / seller. Since the market sentiment changes often there is always a change in price.
  • : Fundamental Analysis - Consists of quantitative (growth/sales/cash flow/eps/ etc.) and qualitative (management competency/governance policies etc.)
  • : Analysis using price & volume data to derive patterns and determine the price moments.
  • : Pro - Reliable Data in terms of cash flow, balance sheet analysis, pe etc. Cons - Lack of data for qualitative analysis. Difficult to collect the data to ensure full spectrum of analysis.
  • : Fundamental - Quarterly Report/Annual Report, Balance Sheet, Institutional Participation. Tech Analysis - Price / Volume.
  • : Market sentiment factored in for change in price moments based on reports/news.
  • : Stock Price manipulation might be possible in counters with low/limited volume.
  • : Pro - Inputs provided are on realtime basis and error free. Cons - Market influences might move the trajectory of the price based on new/reports etc.
  • : Low Volume & high volatility. Weak fundamentals.
  • : Line / Bar / Candlesticks
  • : In line charts we don't have the clarity of open price/close price etc. The bar graph closes this issue, however in candlestick charts the presentation of the charts are clear when we do an analysis for day/week/month.
  • : turnover in NSE only daily basis
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  1. Naresh 5 months ago

    In response to your question

    Your Question 1 :: turnover in NSE only daily basis?
    NSE is approx. Rs.66982 Crores turnover average on a daily basis.

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