The Day 2 Learning refreshes the Basic work method of Stock market and Terms used in stock market

  • : Bank-Broker-NSE-Depositries-NSE-Broker-Bank Broker: they act as intermediator, Help us in buying and selling with a commission. Exchange: NSE is secondary market whereas Broker place the order directly with NSE and send us report. Sebi: Sebi is an governance body for securities. Govt: Govt appointed SEBI for Controlling and monitoring securities transaction Bank: Through bank we send money to broker platforms and we receive to the bank from the same
  • : By comfort of the Broker Platform
  • : To make money by trading in stock
  • : yes, But minimum one day is the cap for doing the transaction
  • : It will buy in the current market price
  • : Market order, Good for the day, TSLO etc
  • : Long - BUY, Short- Sell, Long Unwinding- Selling of Holdings, Short covering- Buy Back of sold stocks
  • : Stock trading is a gamble for the people with No Knowledge and discipline.
  • : Buyer and Sellers Decide it
  • : Positional trading is long term trading which can be referred to more than a day, Intraday trading is buying and selling or vice versa in a single day
  • : Trader can ell Stocks but before EOD the stock must be brought back or else penalty will be charged to the traders account
  • : Entry level is Buying at the previous high with high volume trade and previous low is the stop loss and the same percentage to SL will be the target.
  • : No stock price don't affect the company, it is. traded by Traders only.

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