Stock market is a platform to earn or lose money quickly. It gets controlled by SEBI. Investor is also protected by SEBI. It develops the growth of the company for mobilising more funds from public issue. Online trading is so smart.

  • : A place where buyers and sellers are gathering for buying and selling of a company's shares according to their demand and supply through stock exchanges is called stock market. They are classified into two : spot and future markets.
  • : Stock market is helpful to know about and analyze the performance and financial position of every company, the industrial growth of the country and to earn money by trading of shares of the company for the traders and investors.
  • : Stock market, capital market, bullion market, vegetables and fruits market, textile market and electronic market. Every market has trading by cash. In stock market only, traders are permitted to buy/sell more numbers of shares, 10 times for the money he has in his trading account by the brokers all over the country.
  • : Securities and Exchange Board of India is a regulatory body to protect the interest of investors in stock market. It was established to promote the development of securities market and also to regulate. It was given certain statutory powers meant for transparency.
  • : A person who initiated a small business with minimum funds is called Promoter or founder. He appoints Directors from his own family or from outside to run and look after the day to day affairs of the company. Further, the board of the company launches public issue for mobilising more funds for the expansion of the company after obtaining approval from SEBI. A person or institution who receives shares of the company on payment in stock market at a point of time as long as he holds is called share holder.
  • : Primary market issues shares to investors after payment and allotment, which are not traded before. In secondary market, stocks, bonds, options and future instruments are bought and sold which are previously traded. Both markets are regulated by SEBI.
  • : Initial public offering is IPO. A company for it's expansion can launch public issue for mobilising more funds after obtaining approval from SEBI through IPO. An investor is expected and bound to read all instructions and objectives of the company. He can apply for IPO after making payment through bank.
  • : No. A share holder can sell his shares for encashment as and when he needs refund. He has rights to receive dividends announced by the company as on record date he might have held shares. The company has no time to respond the request of the share holder for refund purpose and so on.
  • : A process of investing some money for some years for some returns or profit is called investment. Investing money on purchase of anything with the idea that the investment will give more income in the future or will be sold at the maximum price for earning profit later. An activity of buying and selling of any goods or shares is called trading, that's short term purpose in stock market.
  • : The original value determined by the company shown on the share certificate is called face value. Dividend is a payment to the current share holders by cash from the accumulated earnings of the company. Bonus shares are free additional shares to the current share holders given by the company from the cumulative earnings on pro-rata basis. A stock split is the price adjustment of the particular share, when share price increasing hugely, and is made by the respective company.
  • : Sensex is the index of BSE comprising of 30 top and large companies from various sectors. Nifty50 is the index of NSE having an average of 50 top stocks from 24 sectors.
  • : BSE is very older than NSE. NSE was established in 1992 and started functioning in 1994. NSE has several group of companies for it's assistance and to transfer the new technology to the new generation, that is online trading.
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