Futures and options are for traders safety. Call option and put option are under no obligation. Strike price is a benchmark helping traders to trade when price goes up and below strike price

  • : The delivery of shares will take place on the same day. Payment should also be done on the same day. It is a opposite to futures and options
  • : The exchange plays as a refundable margin for both sellers and buyer in futures The exchange deals with premium in settling for sellers and buyers
  • : The gains and losses are being settled on daily basis and the current market value is being market for next day . This practice is called as Mark to Market Premium is the price trades pay for a pull or call option trade Strike Price is the Price at which you contract to buy or sell a share
  • : In option contract the buyer or seller has right to buy or sell shares under no obligation
  • : Rights to sell shares without obligation is known as put option Right to buy shares without obligation is known as call option The premium is decides by the call option and put option buyer
  • : Futures contract is traded at a specified price for future date with both parties signing the future documents
  • : The future call or put gives the trades a secure feeling where his stocks will be traded and any loss will be taken in prior to avoid heavy loss.
  • : Yes it is possible to trade Nifty under futures and options
  • : The seller in the contract chooses to settle the net cash position than underlying assets. If underlying assets are being settled then it is known as physical settlement

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