The company when requires fund sells the company share to public to raise finds through initial public offer this is also called primary market. The share holder cannot ask for refund once the ipo is allotted hence the shares could be sold in stock market which is called secondary market. in India there are two major stock exchanges NSE and BSE. The NSE utilises NIFTy and BSE uses SENSEX. The company has an option to share the profits to the share holders through dividends or Bonus which is solely company decision and the share holder has no rights to ask for it.

  • : The stock market is a common grounds for the buyers and sellers to bid and ask which is regulated by SEBI in India.
  • : The stock market is know as secondary market where the share holder can sell his shares.The share
  • : In india there are two major exchanges nse and BSE. The NSE used NIFTY indices whereas BSE uses SENSEX.
  • : The SEBI stands for securities and exchange board of India It is regulatory which governs the Stock trading in India.
  • : The share holders are owners of the company. The promoter promotes the company, advertises the business and profits. The director is the one who runs the business and not necessarily the owner.
  • : The purchase of shares when company declares ipo is called primary market. Purchase of shares in stock market is called secondary market.
  • : The ipo stands for Initial public offer. The company when requires fund from public decides to sell company share to generate required fund.
  • : No share holder does not have the rights to ask for refunds or for dividends. The share holder has to wait till the company gets listed to sell the share and the dividends are given only when the company decides to do so.
  • : The tenure of holding the shares is the difference. The trading refers to intraday which means buying and selling on the same day, whereas investments are long term.
  • : The face value is the price of share given while issuing IPO. The dividend is profit sharing in cash done on company's decision. The split is done to increase the share volume and liquidity.
  • : The BSE uses the SENSEX indices and NSE uses the NIFTy indices. The sensex reflects the top 30 companies and nifty reflects the top 50 companies.
  • : The NSE has many company shares being listed compared to BSE, and the volume and liquidity more .
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