Dow theory is the most fundamental theory which lays the foundation for the technical analysis. Based on the demand and supply we can anlayse the trend of the stock and take calculated decsion to long or short.

  • : Dow proposed to look at the market instead looking at the company based on the demand and supply in the market. Any stock can be analysed based on the Dow theory efficiently
  • : daily charts are used, minimum look up period is 2 years, and the volumes are significantly important. it is good for two or three months no-good for daily basis of intra day basis
  • : Higher Top and Higher Bottom with volume signify bullish trend and Lower Top and Lower Bottom signifies bearish trend. bullish and bearish trend can be signified volume
  • : It is good to analyse the trend of the stock market to tell whether it is positive or negative. it still remains in the top because it gives fundamental base to analyse the stock market based on the demand and supply
  • : HB HT with Volume indicates Bullish Trend and LT LB indicates the bearish trend. it is reliable for one or two months
  • : a price at which the stock has good support where the buyer and sellers are competitive. and resistance is either shown by the buyer or seller when vice versa entering the respective zone.
  • : Major critics of Dow theory
  • : What is Support and Resistance

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