Fundamental analysis is used to measure a company’s health in detailed manner.It is used to predict the stock price of a company. Input required for fundamental analysis is Quality and Quantity of a Company.

Technical analysis is used to measure the direction of the market.Input required for technical analysis is Deman and Supply.

  • : When a demand of a share exceeds the supply stock price increases, when supply exceeds the demand stock price decreases.In general demand and supply will determine the price of the share.
  • : Studying about quality and quantity of a company is called fundamental analysis
  • : Studying about the market.,Its all about demand and supply..
  • : Pro- Being able to accurately value a business can help to understand the actual price of a stock. Con-It is a time consuming process.
  • : Input to fundamental data requires the quantity and quality of a company. Input to technical data requires price and volume.
  • : News- When a good news or bad news for a company it will affect the stock price.. Earning-Earnings is postivie or negative will affect the stock price.of a company. Analyst Report - A well known Analyst who is giving his personal opinion about the company this affect the price.
  • : Nse average turnover in the equity market is approximately 25,000 crores per day. Now a days manipulating a stock price is very tough.
  • : Pro - you can able to follow the market direction. Con- you cannot predict the markets direction
  • : Penny stocks are thinly traded and easily manipulated.
  • : Line charts,Bar charts,Candle stick charts, point and figure charts.
  • : A trader wants to trade for a week or a month then it will give him an edge.It is basically used for short term market..

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