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     Nivedha Kannan 
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    Q Score or Q Rating or Q factor is the recognized industry standard for measuring consumer appeal of brands personalities, characters or programs.

    The greater the Q score, more popular the personality or the brand. Mostly used by the media for advertising and public relations maintenance.

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    Q score is the recognized industry standard for measuring consumer appeal of brands personalities,character and programs.

     Vishnu varadhan 
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    • A scale of measuring the popularity of a person or thing typically based on dividing an assessment of familiarity by a favorable opinion.
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    Q score or q factor is the industrial standard for measuring consumer appeal of  brands personality

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    Q rating example:

    How much u lik the product

    A. One of my favorites.   B. Very Good   C. Good   D. Fair   E. Poor   F. Never heard of.

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