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     R.Durga Prasad 
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    Share holder is the owner of the company who holds the shares of the company,his role is to attend the meetings and vote for the resolutions to be made.He can select the directors by voting in AGM’S.


    A COMPANY is a Brainchild of the Promoter.He  is the one who lookafters all the works required to be done to initialise the company like getting permissions from required authorities,issuing IPO,getting orders.


    DIRECTOR is also a share holder of the company,who is the elected representative of the remaining other share holders.His role is to maintain the company.Hr has the rights to make certain decisions in the AGM’S of the company.


     Padmavathi Sukumar 
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    Share Holder – is a person who invests in a company and purchases the company’s shares. A share holder who has the company’s shares is also the owner of the company

    Promoter – is a person who promotes the company’s business. He/She need not necessarily be the MD/CEO of the company. Promoter has all the rights to decide on the company’s promotion strategy

    Director – is the MD/CEO of a company. Also a share holder, director is the representative selected to carry out the operations of the company. The director is responsible for the company’s business

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    Share holder is a person who owns a amount of equity share in a company and he shares the profit from the company.

    A promoter is a person who promotes the business.

    Director is a person who leads and operates the business. Usually he holds a major part of the shares to have a hold in the company.

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    Share holder is a person who owns a share of a company. He has a part ownership in the company. Hence any profit and loss of the business would have impact on his share capital. He has the rights to vote, transfer of ownership of his shares etc.,

    Promoter is a person who promotes a business idea.

    Director – generally appointed by the share holders or by company’s board. his role is to direct and regulate the company towards it’s business goal.

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    Share holder – One of the owner of company.
    Promoter – Who given the business idea
    Director- generally appointed by the share holders

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